aka MIKIODO (my-kee-O-doe)

I am a photographer, graphic designer and retoucher residing in NYC. I was born in Anaheim, CA and grew up in Buffalo, NY. I went to college for genetics but soon realized that my heart was in the arts. I've taken photos since I was a young boy, and as a teen was always “that kid with the camera.” Mostly self-taught, I further developed my photo skills after moving to NYC in 1989, as well as focusing on graphic design, retouching and songwriting.

I love to shoot portraits, events, music, nature, animals…really just about everything. Rather than developing a "signature look" to my work, I try to make great images and capture a special moment, an interesting scenario, or a sparkle in someone's eye and an honesty in their gaze. I do however have a few specific personal projects in the works, including a fun one with my mice.

For work inquiries, please click on the contact link or email me at mike@mikiodo.com. Thanks…and enjoy!