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I am contributing images for them to use in video sequences between their seven main panels (education, women’s health, housing, incarceration, etc.) and for a photo exhibit segment of BLM protest images. These will visually represent the topics related to each panel and complement the activist work CSS is doing.


DeAngela asked me if I knew of any other photographer comrades who I thought might want to participate and I thought of you.


The use of images is uncompensated and for use in this 2020 conference only, and all photographers would of course retain their copyrights. In exchange for the usages, CSS would promote any photographer who participates on their website with website, social media, and donation tags (Venmo, Cash App, etc). Also, all images used in a video will be given a credit.


If you might be interested in contributing, see more info she sent me below. She would just need images by Tuesday. I know we are all very busy and overwhelmed with our imagery and life in general, and this is a very quick deadline, but to make it easy, if you express interest, she can just take a look at your intstagram and/or website and choose some images that will work, and then you can submit however many more you’d like (no more than 25-30 total) and she can choose from there. Or you can just submit a handful on your own.


Also, there will be a 20-30 minute photographer’s panel on a zoom-like platform next Saturday afternoon to be a part of the conference where we can talk about photographing the protests, and also about how we got into it and our approaches, etc. I’m not much of a public speaker but I think it will be a fun little segment and we can all just chat very loosely. They would need 4 other photographers besides me for that.


OK, hit me back if you might be interested in any of this!







This is a link to a short intro video about the conference: https://vimeo.com/469102856


And full details can be found at: http://www.full-participation.org



• Up to 10 photographers who would allow us to select from their website or Instagram pages and/or for them to suggest images they have that would visually represent the topics related to the panels and BLM Protest images for the online exhibition on Saturday. 

• Images would be placed in a video except for the 1 or 2 images the photographer would want to be on the website. 

• I will get back about image sizing. Individual image file names should include photographer name. 

• We would need the images by Tuesday (10/20) at the latest.

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